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Information about Plastic Model Kit

Model kit: RAH-66 Comanche
Finished: 2012
Manufacturer: Italeri
Camouflage version: RAH-66; 1st prototype, May 1995
Scale: 1/72
Number of parts: 81
Accessories: 7.9 inches x 6.3 inches (20 cm x 16 cm)
Quality of the model kit:
Brief description of the model kit: Model kit of RAH-66 Comanche helicopter is quite good and it can be easily built. Plastic parts have no major impurities and they fit well together. There are no bigger gaps between them. The cockpit is quite poorly designed and it lacks details in compare to the real helicopter.
Brief description of construction: I have already built the same kit once, so there were no problems with the construction, and the model was finished in just 3 days. The painting is sprayed with Model Master colors that covers very well. The real helicopter is invisible to a radar, and therefore it does not have many protrusions, such as rivets. Therefore it is necessary to emphasizes panel outlines on the model surface with preshading technique with more shades of olive color.


Crew: 2
Length: 46.85 ft (14.28 m)
Height: 11.06 ft (3.37 m)
Rotor diameter: 39.04 ft (11.90 m)
Empty weight: 9,300 lb (4,218 kg)
Maximum speed: 9175 knots (201 mph, 324 km/h)
Maximum range : 262 nmi (302 mi, 485 km)
Service ceiling: 14,980 ft (4,566 m)


RAH-66 Comanche is an American two-seat, twin-engine stealth attack and reconnaissance helicopter. The helicopter was developed in cooperation of two large companies Boing and Sikorsky for the U.S. Army. At the beginning of the 21st century, it was supposed to replace the outdated OH-58 Kiowa and AH-1 Cobra helicopters.

The fuselage and the rotor blades were made largely from composite materials. Helicopter design make use of large flat surfaces and sharp transitions, openings for air intake were reduced. The material that absorbs radar beams reduces the possibility of detection by radar. Also, a large amount of non-metallic materials was used on the internal equipment.

The helicopter is equipped with a number of very sophisticated equipments such as night vision, navigation systems, infravision and equipment for flight in any weather.

RAH-66 Comanche helicopter supposed to be the first helicopter with suppressed radar detection, infrared and acoustic characteristics . This technology has become important after the experience of war in the Persian Gulf in 1991.

The helicopter is equipped with two engines T800-LHT-800. Lightweight, aerodynamic solutions and high performance engines should allow excellent climbing ability, agility and acceleration.

The current war in which they the United States of America are engaged, takes place mostly in the Middle East, where enemies are small groups of infantry troops. Comanche would have to fly at low altitudes, and there it would be in danger of machine gun and rifle shooting, or armor-piercing weapons. At a price of $ 60 million for a single helicopter, loosing one would be very expensive. Its high price is probably the main reason why the serial production never started.

Source of information:

  • Boeing/Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche - Wikipedia. Link to the source: en.wikipedia.org.
  • RAH-66 Comanche - Italeri. Information included in the model kit.

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