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Wednesday, 16th May 2012

Electric mini hobby drill


About a year ago, after a long delay, I decided to buy a hobby mini drill. Now, I can't even imagine building plastic models without it. It makes my work a lot easier and faster when drilling and grinding, because it took much more time when I used only files, drill bits and emery papers. Funnily enough, purchasing price was not so high, because electric mini drill can bought roughly for a price from 10 euro to 75 euro.

It all began when I was building an RC plane and I needed to sharpen bulkhead. My colleague lent me a drill Proxxon MICROMOT 50E. I was so impressed by this drill that soon after I bought the same type for myself.

There are many different hobby drills, but since I own only this specific model, with which I am very satisfied, I wrote this article a bit as a review as well as a demonstration of what such a drill can be used for.

Additionally, you can buy different kinds of attachments. Some can be even diamond and very expensive too, but work with them is absolutely perfect. I bought a smaller and cheaper set of accessories, which I got for about 8 euro, but despite its low price, it is quite sufficient for my hobby.

Drilling is stored in a hard plastic case, which additionally contains:

  • 12V adapter,
  • set of six extensions for gripping adapters of different diameters (1 mm, 1.5 mm, 2 mm, 2.4 mm, 3 mm and 3.2 mm),
  • 10 attachments for grinding and drilling,
  • several abrasive and cutting discs.


  • Power 230 V / 12 V.
  • The speed can be adjusted from 5,000 rev/min to 20,000 rev/min.
  • Very lightweight, only 230 g, can be hold as a pencil.
  • Length of 220 mm.

The electric drill has many uses in scale models hobby. It proved especially useful when thinning plastic parts. For example, we can shrink a canopy or a wing. I used its milling adapter for grinding cargo doors of Mi-17th helicopter. Plastic parts can shrink to a very small thickness. We have to mill slightly, step by step, and do not try to push the grinder too much. If we were pushing on it too much, then we we would make unwanted holes or completely deform the plastic parts.

We can drill gun barrels, create wounds from bullets and other small details. When building RC models, a drill can used to carve ribs of wings and fuselage. We can grind or cut plastic, wooden and even metal parts. An electric hobby drill is simply very versatile and helpful tool.


#1  Tomas  2013-02-27 14:34:29
Super články, po jejich předčtení jsem spoustu věcí začal dělat jinak a líp. K minivrtačce asi není co dodat, snad jen, že bez regulace otáček bych ji nechtěl. Mám tuto.

#2  Chester  2013-08-15 19:51:17
Ahoj koupil jsem si vrtačku
bohužel ta ma prumer max jen 2,4 mm

k ní jsem distal sadu frézek o průměru asi 3 mm
tím padem mi nesedí

poradíte mi prosím nějaky tip díky
vyměnné nastavce tam jsou asi od 0,5-2,4 mm
#3  LittleBear  2013-08-16 16:37:03
Ahoj, tohle je nejhorší možnost. Já většinou řeším malý průměr nástavců. Jediná možnost je provrtat 2,4 mm na 3 mm nebo nechat vysoustružit nějakou dutinkou, která by z jedné strany měla otvor na nástavec 3 mm a zužovala se do 2,4 mm. Nic lepšího mě asi nenapadá.
#4  Morte  2017-10-02 14:28:51

muzete mi prosim poradi jake lestici kotouce koupit? Diky M

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