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Thursday, 17th May 2012

The Nazi swastika on scale models


If you have ever built a World War II German aircraft model or military vehicle model, then you have probably already met with the fact that most manufacturers don't include German swastika on transfer sheets. They either provide only a black diamond or omit it altogether. The reason behind this is that in many countries displaying the swastika is restricted by law. For example, use of the swastika on scale models is completely prohibited in Germany.

But if you want to have a realistic model with the exact appearance as it used to be used by the armies of the Third Reich, then it is necessary to display and position the swastika correctly. This problem can be solved by a few ways. One of them is to spray swastika over a template, but in scale 1/72 or smaller, it is quite challenging.

Another option, which is much easier, is to buy a special decal sheet with swastikas. Very nice set with plenty of decals is produced by a Polish company Techmod. We don't have to be restricted only with 1/72 scale, because they are produced also for 1/48, 1/32 and even 1/24 scale. The exact name of the sheet that I bought is German Swastikas WW II. Decals are designed for 19 types of aircrafts from different periods of war.

Regarding the decals themselves, they are thin and beautifully printed in high quality. Basecoat is very shiny, and it is therefore appropriate to overpaint models first with a gloss varnish. Price of transfer sheet is around 7€.

If you would like to make your own template, then manufacturer has also added an illustration of swastika with accurate sizes.

This article does not promote any ideology or movement leading to the suppression of human rights and freedoms. Displaying Nazi swastika is used here solely for the purposes of scale models hobby.


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Zdravím, jsem modelář z Prahy

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