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Wednesday, 12th December 2012

Review of new Revell Battlestar Galactica model kits


As a big fan of the Battlestar Galactica series, I always wanted to have models such as legendary Colonial Viper Mk II or Battlestar Galactica battleship. The only producer so far was an American company Moebius, which sells all these models, but it is difficult to get them in Europe. That's why I was very happy, when Revell introduced three new models in its catalog. These three models are single-seated starfighters Colonial Viper Mk II and Colonial Viper Mk VII and also the battleship Battlestar Galactica. I made some photos and added comments about the new model kits.

These kits are not the same as Moebius kits, so I do not know if they are simply repacked or Revell bought the molds. Anyway, the price is much lower compared to Moebius. Revell prices are around 17€ and Moebius around 30€ and higher for one model.

Colonial Viper Mk II

The parts are molded from a beige plastic thick around 2 mm. I have thoroughly examined the parts and I haven't found any depressions or other flaws. The only problem I can see is that the plastic parts are covered with fine powder, but this can be fixed with fine grit sandpaper (1000 or 1500). The cockpit is much more sophisticated than in case of Viper Mk VII. Parts fit nicely together without larger gaps. Nonetheless, it is necessary to use putty.

Among the best parts of the kit belongs included resin pilot figurine, which is very detailed. The only thing I could complain about are poorly created undercarriage shafts. To be more precise, in fact there are none. Decal sheet offers options for beginners. We can simply stick the red parts and thus save a lot of time with masking. The assembled model can be placed on a pedestal made of clear plastic. Construction instructions are very clear and distinct.

Colonial Viper Mk VII

Regarding the parts, it is similar to the Viper Mk II. There is a plastic pilot figurine instead of the resin one. Cockpit lacks details of devices. Overall construction is much easier, but this time it has undercarriage shafts.

Battlestar Galactica

Probably the best of all three kits. The model contains a lot of details and a nice pedestal. Engines made from clear plastic parts encouraged to install LED lighting. Side hangars have decal markings for the landing deck.


#1  Bekir  2016-07-04 16:17:42
I would love to see you build the BS Galactica Cylon robot from Revell. Did you have a chance to look at that? Thanks
#2  Bekir  2016-07-04 16:19:15
I mean the Cylon Centurion robot figure :) not the raider ship

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