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Information about Plastic Model Kit

Model kit: Skoda 1101-P 'Tudor'
Finished: 2012
Manufacturer: MMK
Camouflage version: Czechoslovakian military vehicle
Scale: 1/35
Number of parts: 64
Accessories: photo etched parts included in the kit
Size of the model: 4 inches x 1.6 inches (10 cm x 4 cm)
Quality of the model kit:
Brief description of the model kit: Model kit of Skoda 1101-P 'Tudor' is made of resin parts and few photo etched parts. This is an only available model kit of this car on the market. The quality of parts is relatively good, but there are lot of air bubbles. The engine compartment is detailed, but it needs to be improved with a few wires and tubing. The model is very difficult to build and I would definitely not recommend it for beginners.
Brief description of construction: I started construction with an engine. I planted tubing and improved some details. Then I sprayed the model with black paint, put down the oil into the joints and made weathering. Standard glue for plastic model kits can not be used for resin parts, and therefore I had to use superglue. There was 5 mm gap between folded roof and the seats. I sealed it with milliput putty. It took me a year with few longer breaks to build the model.


Seats: 4
Length: 13.3 ft (4.05 m)
Width: 4.9 ft (1.5 m)
Empty weight: 2,645.5 lb (1,200 kg)
Maximum speed: 65 mph, 105 km/h
Power: 23.5 kW (32 hp)


Skoda 1101-P 'Tudor' was a Czechoslovakian car made by automobile factory Skoda. It was produced in 1946-1949. 81 140 cars were produced altogether. Tudor name does not indicate the type of body, but the type of car, so we can see cars with a closed body, and also some with an open convertible body and folding roof. Power output of the car was 32 ​​hp (23.5 kW) and maximum speed could reach up to 65 mph (105 km/h).

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#1  Pavel Pouche  2013-10-26 01:11:46
Neee, takhle Bojovej Tudor nevipadá!!!! Jednoho máme doma 1:1. Tohle je hodně špatně udělanej model, ale už na první pohled je divnej. A poslední dobou moc modelářů používá moc patyny kam se nehodí. No je to strašně ošklivý jakože-model. Promiň
#2  LittleBear  2013-10-26 10:07:23
Děkuji za váš názor. Pokud budu někdy v budoucnu stavět znovu Tudora, vezmu na vědomí vaše připomínky.

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